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That of the Markus Oehler brand is a true family history. One of those that many brands can only dream of telling their clients.

It all starts at the workshop of handcrafted leather goods of Peter Oehler, Markus’ father. It is here that this elderly man from Brixen – South Tyrol, used to create handmade bags and belts. And it is here that Markus has assimilated both the secrets of his father and the joy of creating unique and incomparable products.

Markus has put together this know-how and his desire to compete with the world outside the confines of his small town. While traveling for work and passion, Markus absorbed influences, inspirations and ideas that, in combination with his background, have given birth to the accessories of the Markus Oehler line – bags, bracelets, belts and leather accessories made by hand in every detail.

At the heart of every product, there is an idea. It is at the base of this last that the design of every singe accessory gets developed. Only after the concept has been elaborated, materials and processing techniques suitable for all bags and belts get selected.

At this point, the artisan tradition assimilated throughout hours of studies in the workshop comes on the scene. Cutting and stitching the product requires much care and precision. Scissors, needle, thread, glue and sewing machine are the tools used to give birth to a new creation. But without an expert eye and a steady hand they would only be inert objects.

Lizzi Rust, as well, was made of these premises – of a huge love for things made by hand and an inspiration capable of looking beyond one’s own comfort zone.

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